A Fight With The Opponent

Episode 1 snapshot

Screenshot of the episode released in 2011

A fight with the opponent is an Old "Thunder A Hero's Welcome" episode of which was split into two episodes, and the first episode of season 1. Episode 1 showed a clip of Thunder and Evil Thunder battling against each other for the first time in the series. It was also introduced in the manga.

Release Date

The episode was released on January 23, 2011 and will

soon be redone and updated with a newer version from the manga.

Episode Plot

In the episode, Thunder and Evil Thunder fight against each other over Lupus Fields . Thunder was trying to defend Lupus Fields from Evil Thunder, and Evil Thunder was trying to dominate the fields and fought with Thunder to kill her so she would stay out of the wasy of her plan.

Evil Thunder and Thunder were both badly wounded in the episode and at the end of the episode, it appears Evil Thunder has lost the fight to take over Lupus Fields.

In the Upcoming remake of the episode, more details and information of the episode will be explained in the newer version.

Manga Version

The original manga version was different from the series version. In the manga, Evil Thunder fought Thunder in an attempt to kill her and take over the Red Valley instead of Lupus Fields.

The plot in the manga was slightly different than in the original web series.