Thunder receives an EAS notification on her desktop

The Emergency Alert System (EAS/Namman Emergency Alert System) is a warning system in Thunder: Legend Beginning that warns town residents of dangerous events that occur. It may also be started up as a weekly or monthly test.

Thunder: Legend Beginning

Emergency alerts play somewhat of an important role during main gameplay.

Emergency Alerts

In Legend Beginning, the player will have the option to use Thunder's computer to do certain activities. During this time, there is a random chance that an Emergency Alert notification will appear on screen. Its purpose is to remind the player of what they are required to do on their mission. After beating the game, these alerts will still appear on screen, but with no part of the main story left, they will inform the player that no further action is needed.

Amber Alerts

After beating the game, normal Emergency Alert notifications will be replaced with Amber Alert notifications. Amber Alerts will give the player the opportunity to participate in side quests.

Sound Files

The sound emitted by EAS notifications WARNING: Loud

EAS Amber Fade

The sound emitted by Amber Alert notifications WARNING: Loud

Ontario Amber Alert




  • Thunder admits that she finds Amber Alerts terrifying and startling because of the noise made by the notification windows when they appear.
  • The sound made by Amber Alert notifications in-game is the exact same sound as the Ontario Amber Alert system.