北海道 進化 Hokkaidō Shinka

Name Meaning

"Northern Sea Evolver"

Other Names

Dō-ken, Seta, Ainu Shinka, Ainu-ken, Eastern Asian Shinka

Evolves From

Hokkaidō Inu

Region Of Origin

国内 Kokunai

The Hokkaidō Shinka is a canissapien breed originating from a Japanese dog known as the Hokkaidō, or the Hokkaidō Dog, a dog breed descending from the Hokkaidō wolf. It is a canissapien of similar size to its dog counterpart, and is often kept as a pet by the humans.


The Hokkaidō Shinka has a similar appearance to the Hokkaidō dog, if not for having hair and casual clothing similar to what humans wear. They are known for looking like Akita dogs; however are much smaller in stature compared to the actual dog breeds themself, Hokkaidō or Akita. They have a pale-tawny red double fur coat similarly to the real dog.


The dog has many similar traits to the actual dog itself, known for often being used as guard dogs, their acute sense of smell, and their ability to withstand the cold. They usually always return to their master, no matter how far away they are. As hunting animals, they have the unfortunate past of hunting a certain bearlike creature to vulnerability of becoming endangered. However, what matters the most of these creatures is their bravery and outstanding loyalty. They tend to be quite stubborn and have a high barking tendency, usually they will bark at people they see as enemies, which they are usually never wrong about.