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Lance is a somewhat different character and the father of Timber and his siblings. He appears for brief moments in the series.


Lance is a yokai known as a "jinmenken" or "human faced dog" in English. His breed is the Saarloos Wolfdog. He wears pieces of gothic attire. He has dark, bluish fur which is actually intended to be used as a shade of black. His face and underbelly are a light, grayish blue color. His eyes are amethyst purple and he wears a silver ankh with a gemstone of the same color in the halo area. He wears a black neckerchief and wears his mane down over his face.


Lance can be seen as childish at times, seemingly because he tends to act like a puppy during spontanious moments. He is said by his son Timber to really hate large crowds as he has a clausterphobic fear of being around too many people. The humans seem to mistake him for a "werwulf" due to the fact that he not only has a face like a human, but the breed of dog he is makes him look like a gray wolf. As a result, he gained a lot of unwanted fame and attention, such as people following him around in lycanthrope costumes during Halloween. Lance is quite sensitive at times and is known to have his feelings easily hurt when harassed or insulted, even to the extent where he gets angry at humans or regular dogs who call him a "freak show" in the comic.

Under Rennovations


  • Lance is one of the newest characters to appear in the series.
    • He is also the first non-sapien character to appear.
  • Lance being called names like "freak show" is more than likely a reference to Yo-kai Watch.
    • This is shown as Lance and the characters Jinmenken and Ikemenken from the show are all the same species of Yokai.
  • Lance is one of the only known characters so far who has offspring who are neither lupussapien nor jinmenken.
    • It's now confirmed that lupussapiens are capable of producing litters with other species of canoids under certain conditions. They are as a result, a supernatural hybrid.
    • A hybrid between a lupussapien and a jinmenken is called a Skyloh Wolfdog
  • Most Jinmenkens in Thunder: a Hero's Welcome are mentioned as being completely corporeal in the comic.
    • However, a temporarily incorporeal being is mentioned in the comic under the name "Nikumenken" or "Meat Dog".