Leaked Content are a new subject in TAHW which will be seen early by people who watch the series or are waiting for the game's release.

Leaked Characters Or Episodes

Leaked characters are characters that have been revealed early. When these things happen fans will know what characters will be seen next in the series or game. These are characters that are shown earlier than expected. These characters rarely have much information involved on their pages, but if they do it's not enough. These characters may have something to do with an upcoming episode or a scene or event in the game.

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This article contains plot details about an upcoming character or episode.

Recently leaked characters




Leaked Episodes

Leaked episodes are episodes of Thunder A Hero's Welcome or other upcoming series episodes or animated shorts of the series that will be released at a certain point of it's creation. Episodes like these usualoly come with screenshots or information about the episode/films that explain a little bit about what it will be about or what is happening without giving away spoilers.

Recently leaked episodes

TAHW Episode 6 - The Arrival Of Kage (67% Complete)


Screenshots will be uploaded here.

Leaked Species

A leaked species is a certain sapien species that people might not expect. Sometimes people will assume what the name that species is or what it really is even if it's something else. These can sometimes be a species that looks or sounds familiar, such as the Dracosapiens and Draconissapiens.

Leaked species are a new sapien species that looks different from other sapien species already revealed. Some sapien species may even be based on a familiar looking, currently existing species that people may know about.

Leaked Character transformations or forms

Leaked forms are rarely involved in the wiki. These are forms of certain characters that might not be named yet. These could be forms of characters that people will guess that they link to, such as Ryan and Evil Ryan. However, this is simply not true.