TAHW [2018 Reboot]

Ryan Profile
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age 15-16
Race/Species Kokunai Fox
Place of Birth Kokunai
Status Alive
Rank Α (Alpha Male)
Alignment Good
Aliases _____
Location Inner Lupus Fields
Voice _____

Ryan is the deuteragonist to the Thunder Series. He is a strong, young male who often hangs around Thunder's side whenever necessary.


Like most of the characters in the series, Ryan also gets a new design. He is an anthropomorphic, foxlike creature with tawny, red fur, emerald green eyes (which foxes don't normally have), dark, red hair and a tail of the same color, but with a white tip. His forelegs and paws are also the same color. He tends to wear a solid orange flannel jacket and a yellow sweater, but he sometimes takes it off due to the heat the subarctic region undergoes during the spring and summer. He may occasionally be seen wearing a hat to shield himself from the sun's heat and throw it down in the grass when preparing to fight.

Recently Ryan has been shown to regain his blue collar from his old design; the medallion, however has been replaced with an emerald.


Ryan is sometimes reluctant to do things and may even question his own actions. He is sometimes nervous, but loyal and willing to Thunder and her pack. He is constantly seen as a laughing stock for being in a relationship with Thunder. He may spit threats of physical violence at his harassers in order to stop them from making fun of them, but he doesn't seem to act on them.


  • Ryan was originally going to be a dingo species.
  • His full name is "Ryan James".
  • Ryan is one of the many characters to receive a redesign.
  • Despite being an alpha male, Ryan prefers to travel alone.
    • This is mainly due to the fact that real world foxes are solitary animals rather than a pack animal like large canines.

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