TAHW [2018 Reboot]

Thunder Profile
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age 15
Race/Species Néagi Wolf
Place of Birth Lupus Fields, Namman
Status Alive
Rank Α (Alpha Female)
Alignment Good
Aliases Thunder, Mutt (by Wyvern)
Location Lupus Fields
Voice Shade R. Lulu

Thunder is the main character and the primary protagonist of the Thunder series, film, comic, and game. She is a grayish-brown neagi wolf, although it is hinted that she has the blood of other canoid creatures aside from her own.


Thunder currently has a design resembling a real world wolf more than her old design. She is an anthropomorphic wolflike beast with a beige coat and a lighter brown muzzle, forelegs, eyelids, and underbelly. Her mane is brown with a red hairband. Her ears and back are blackish-blue and her tail is the same color, but with a pitch black tip characteristic to that of an actual wolf's tail. Her attire changes as usual. she normally wears a red sweater or a vest of the same color. In some older designs, she used to wear pants.


Thunder is strong and fearless, but can be a bit sensitive and stubborn. She is even known to take offense to insults directed towards her for her race. She is, however eager to please when it comes to meeting new people.


  • Thunder was originally going to be either a horse or a dog, until the Néagi Wolf was created.
  • Thunder was often mistaken for a "Jinmenken" by many people until a Jinmenken character was created, named Lance.
  • Thunder was named "Abba" when she was first designed, until the name "Thunder" came up.


Thunder preparing to fight in the Season 1 opening sequence

Thunder Pup

Official artwork of Thunder as a pup

Work in progress...