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The improved logo for the film and series.

Thunder: A Hero's Welcome - The Movie is an Action/Adventure ONA set for creation in 2016-18. The movie stars the original cast from the series on YouTube, known as Thunder, the protagonist and hero of the series, Dasher and Blaze, Thunder's packmates, Ryan, Thunder's mate/husband, Fly, a character winning a contest meant for characters designed for the series, and many other contest winning characters. There are, however, be characters scheduled to appear in the film which are Tornado, Typhoon, Hayabusa, Amaterasu, Zodi, and Kiba.


Three new fighters have been spotted outside the forest. Asmodeus, Astaroth, and Asriel, who had traveled into the country to hunt down an intimidating sapien of his own species named Tobidashi. However, he is easily confusable with another similar looking sapien who was spotted in the snow caverns. Eventually meeting Thunder The Lupussapien, the trio of freedom fighters look to Thunder for assistance on tracking down the real tyrant before her pack ends up making a similar mistake and planning to attack the one who they find out to be innocent.




01 Prologue: The Birth Of Evil Thunder - Shadō Habaki ✓

02 Rise Of The Soldiers - Shadō Habaki ✓

03 Banter ✓

04 Hidden Secrets ✓

05 It's A Trap! - Shadō Habaki ✓

06 Tobidashi ✓

07 The Battle Begins ✓

08 Help From Yūdaina ✓

09 Secret Unveiled! Wildfang Returns ✓

10 Rising Hero

11 Evil Rising ✓

12 Thunder The Hero ✓

13 The Final Battle Begins

14 Song Of The Wolf ✓

15 Raging Thunderstorm ✓

16 Fight To The End, Fight For Justice! ✓

17 Epilogue ✓

18 TAHW Theme ✓

16/18 2 Missing