TAHW The Game




RPG (Sci-fi, Action, Drama)




Release Date

May 16, 2017 (Estimation)

Audience Tag

Teens/Adults (Animated Blood Violence, Explicit Language, Sexual Humor,

Development Status

Alpha Release


Thunder A Hero's Welcome: The Game is a recent PC game installment of the "Legend Of Thunder" franchise and the first game relating to the actual series itself; however, in the RPG genre.


The game is first set in Lupus Fields after the supposed death of Thunder's mother, Wildfang. The beginning of the game has a similar storyline to the series as it begins with the same banter as the first four episodes, but soon changes to a different story. The game starts off with the same fight against Evil Thunder in her female form as in the animated series. The fight ends with Thunder and Evil Thunder fainting in the middle of The Forest Of The Blue Moon. Thunder wakes up in the middle of the night, after the Blue Moon Of Kasu-Yochi is in its half phase and flees the forest with Evil Thunder still laying on the ground, watching Thunder run across the horizon, still suffering from minor paralysis from the wounds all over her body, Evil Thunder makes it back to her hideout to meet up with Slasher and Wildfire, planning to make them into perfect clones of two people Thunder is predicted to meet on her quest, who are trapped in a small tunnel to Lupus Fields after being wounded by Evil Thunder, who had taken a small amount of their blood in use of creating perfect Dasher and Blaze clones out of Slasher and Wildfire.

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Thunder: A Hero's Welcome will have three main story demos along with several other beta-testing demos, leaving the game at speculation of how many total demo releases there will be. The game itself had its first demo released on the 31st of October on the year 2016.