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Thunder A Hero's Welcome created in 2007 and released on YouTube in 2011 is a series about Thunder, a 13 year old, female LupusSapien pup and her friends and packmates, Dasher and Blaze . Thunder is welcomed by many new people she meets, sapiens and humans and is often confronted by many demons, villains, and minions controlled by Evil Thunder.

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04Thunder The Lupussapien Full

Thunder is a 13 year old female lupussapien from Lupus fields in what is left of America, slowly building itself back up to what it used to be. She trains to become a freedom fighter and protect her home, but travels the land shortly afterwards. Her main goal is to put a stop to Evil Thunder from spreading evil all over the world and taking control over it. She also wishes to avenge her supposedly dead mother.

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Upcoming Releases!

TAHW Manga



The Thunder: A Hero's Welcome web manga is currently in progress and will be scheduled to be released to the public on a certain date once it is complete. The story is supposed to explain a similar plot to the anime online. The comic will also introduce a few possible characters to the series.

TAHW Episode 6



Thunder: A Hero's Welcome Episode 6 is also currently in progress and is supposed to have a release date before the Thunder: A Hero's Welcome manga. The episode is revealed to be 59% finished so far compared to most other TAHW projects.


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