M. Striatos

Scientific Name

Millus striatos vagantia

Veskiisapiens (Also known as "Veskisapiens, Veskiis, Field Tigers, or Brush Tigers") are a newly introduced sapien species that are entirely original. This reason being that they are not based on any animal except for one that does not exist in real like, known as the "Veskat". These are a new species discovered by humans aside from their ancestors.


Veskiisapiens are known for being entirely feral in comparison to most other sapiens and usually start off without clothes, as well as their capability of speech being tested depending on the type of intelligence they age to have. They are classified as caniformes, but tend to act more like cats, specifically lions, tigers, or leopards. They have Fur colors of brown, light black/dark gray, blue, red, orange, brown, and even white. They are known secondarily as field tigers, simply because their fur normally sports a deep, brindle pattern. The more stripes they have, the higher the status.


The smartest veskii alive in the series is Tiger, the female, talking, Southern Barred Veskii from mid-southern Australia. These creatures, despite how smart they really are, seem to find learning to talk to be difficult and normally communicate in barks, growls, yowls, roars, and purrs when receiving physical pleasure or happiness from humans. Although they are usually very kind and docile, they can be very relentless and hostile if it meant defending their family or colony.




Veskiis are often hurt by deforestation which takes away their habitats, causing clans to fall in numbers, trap setting that causes the animals to get seriously injured to the point of infection or even death, and the worst yet, illegal hunting. Many of which, also killed off large populations of their food source.

As pets

While veskiis normally live in the wild in colonies, they are sometimes domesticated in Sapien Facilities. Veskiis are legally owned as exotic pets by citizens all over the exact region of the planet they come from. They are commonly used as hunting assistants by certain native tribes of a human-like species. Most of them are, unlike most sapiens, are normally unable to talk as they prefer to make sounds similar to that of a big cat. Pet Veskiis are also kept in Thunder A Hero's Welcome The Game to protect the protagonists and afflict status problems on the player's enemies.

Sound Files

This is a section of sounds made by Veskiis in Thunder: A Hero's Welcome - The Game. Veskiis make similar sounds to big cats, due to the fact that they have picked up this behavior from other animals in the wild.

The sounds of a veskii growl

Adult Growl

An agitated adult veskii snarling

Adult agitated

Adult veskii growl

Adult growl1

The sound of an agitated veskii pup growling

Pupgrowl 1
Pupgrowl 2

Veskii bark

Veskii bark 1

Veskii hiss

Veskii hiss