Rules are an important part of the wiki to show users how the wiki is to be properly used or edited by any other users who are willing to edit or create pages, blog/forum posts, etc. on the wiki.

  • Do not post any hatred, memes, discrimination, etc. on this wiki.
  • Do not post NSFW/Porn/Yiff/Clop/Hentai/Lap art on this wiki.
  • Do not flame, troll, or attack users on this wiki.
  • Do not create pages meant to "attack" or "troll" this wiki as said pages will be removed and will result in the offending user to become banned.
  • Fan characters must be posted to the "Fan Characters" category.
  • Only selected users will be picked as moderators.
  • No advertising. This will be considered spam and will result in the page or post being removed and a possible ban inflicted on the user if repeated.
  • Hate-speech is an instant ban.

1st Offense = 1 day ban

2nd Offense = 1 week ban

3rd Offense = 1 month ban

4th Offense = 1 year ban

5th Offense = The user will be banned from the wiki indefinitely.

Black list

  • Keznen
  • Penelope The Shih Tzu
  • Lord weed
  • 3 banned IP addresses.